Using the new AI indicator to beat the market

In this article, I am going to tell you the new AI indicator performance in the market and I will show you that how it has performed from the London session to so far so now I’m on the five minute chart  so in generally when it read it’s a sell signal when it turns its color into gray it means that you should avoid trading light right now it’s gray so avoid trading so this is AUD CHF you can see a very good selling opportunities from the moving average it has provided us and then if we go to the next pair that is AUD JPY you can See it was selling whole time before and right now  the Buy Signal is far from the moving average we will not consider that one come for the re-test this becomes our entry and now a very good profitable Trader even before you can see a great selling opportunities on that pair so however the selling is on AGD nzd where


this is completely a consolidation so we need to avoid consolidation so here you can see a sell signal here the trend was reversed again the selling but right now not a clear function at the moment however when we talk about the Bitcoin today you can see previously it was into the cell pressure then we have received a Buy Signal perfectly fine and right now into the gray Zone which means that that you Need to avoid trading right okay so CAD JPY if you look at here beautifully it has provided you a lot of bile signals and you can see the market only directed into the upward side and previously it was hold down and you can see so this is not a type of indicator like other garbage indicators data available on trading view that gives you a buyer signal after every cell signal  and you can see the buy work perfectly fine and CHF JPY the buy work perfectly fine on that one so you can catch huge moves using this indicator so right now I’m showing the signals on five minutes so that you can have a quick display about the market otherwise if you’re a day trader you can go to the 15 minute and try the signals that’s not a problem however we have a consolidation here so in consolidation Our main point is to avoid as much as you can okay so you can see Buy Signal far from the moving average we will not take that one come for the retest this is


your entry you can see the candle is leaving the moving average that becomes your entry and that that was your selling Zone but it does not come for the retail so we can cannot consider that one that is somehow consolidation but overall you can see the still the signals are very good here okay so let’s Analyze other pairs okay so CH Euro CHF like cell that was perfectly fine sell here but you can see the bands are gray so when the bands are great means that you have saved yourself from taking that trade let’s have a look on your JPY okay so when two times band trans rate means that you are into the consolidation you will always do one thing that you will Mark the highest point of the consolidation and you will always Mark the West Point of the consolidation And then once it breaks in any of the area you can trade one a trade that one and you can see a retest here at the market if they come if the market comes back and retest here then you can take your buying position Euro anxiety completely consolidation not to trade Euro USD here okay so good signal on the re-test you can see retested good signal and


the buying chance on five minute however the previous was the selling chance this is How our indicator works okay look at Great Britain pound USD buy a signal from here it’s uh for okay here from here okay you can take that one and you can see the profitable trade had previously it went for the cell is far from the moving average not to take comfort the retest one candle that is bearish leaving the bands below and now you can take your entry so guys this is the best indicator.

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