The Future of Trading: Introducing the New RSI Indicator

In this article, I am telling you about the new RSA trading strategy that has just launched on trading View and guys you will be definitely going to love this strategy but because it’s going to remove the previous RSI so we use on our trading view that is the relative strength index that we normally use so instead of using the older version of RSI I’m going to introduce the new version here


and you will get this insights about the new indicator. The strategy is very simple that is called RSI exponential when you write RSI X4 initial on trading view then this indicator will come that is called RSI exponential smoothing Expo by zirman and 705 Traders are using this trading strategy.


once we attach this strategy on our screen so now you can see that in the previous RSI that we normally get it it’s it was a bit complicated but right now how the levels are plotted on your screen and now it’s very easy for you to predict the market. so this RSI indicated this is quite simple right now on Euro AUD it is already telling you that the market has almost reached to the oversold levels of the market now instead of selling you should be planning to take a buyer position


when you see a strong bullish candle that is reversing from that area so let me give you more examples so that you can understand in a better way so we have the RSI reached to the overbought levels and a bearish candle comes down and then we have a downward pattern and there is one more thing that you can do scalping with this thing as well because if you are following the trend , following phase then


when the candle closes below the 50 RSI then still you have a selling chance that here the counterparts closed above but we just got a couple of candles so how we can tackle this one I mean if we talk about the trend then what is the trend as per the trend line so we are into the downward Trend so once you are into the downward Trend then whenever you see a candidate that is closes below the 50 Level like this so go for the selling chances and similarly reverse that method for the up position because it will be going to help you a lot okay so for example look at here we can see that the trend was going into the upward side we have seen clearly from here that is moving up so if it closes below the 50 level we should not plan our any kind of a sell trade instead once it comes back again up above the 50 level then you can plan your sell trade in that Position so this is the best indicator I am instead of using the previous RSI this is the kind of a top indicator that you can use for your easy trading that it has provided us with a wonderful cell signals and this is the no repaint indicator once the candle is Fixed with the cell signal or Buy Signal it will not be going to repaint in any case however it has given a lot of chances and whenever the market comes to read us the moving average at these Bands then you can still enter into the buy and sell signal so right now on Euro AUD however we have a rejection but the bands are gray so we are not going to trade those signals from The Gray Bears because they will be not Good for us.


This is the sign of a trend reversal okay so for example this pattern from Green Return Grace or bread and comes with a retest and here we have a selling chance at the moment and previously it also worked very well so this indicator on anything like gold Forex stocks crypto anything like whatever you want to trade you can trade this indicator.

What Happen when RSI is High?

As the respective strength index is mainly used to determine whether a security is overbought or exceed, a high RSI reading can mean that a security is overbought and the price may release. Therefore, it can be a signal to exchange the security.

What is RSI between 30 and 70?

The RSI is a applied indicator that calculate the strength of a stock’s price movement. A value between 30 and 70 is commonly read as an indicator that the stock is in a neutral momentum zone.

What is the 5 star RSI strategy?

If a bearish candle is set up at the 60 RSI level, the prices may overcome from there, and one can enter the stock for shorting.

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