Best TradingView Indicator For All Trading Sessions

In this article, I am going to tell you the best trading view strategy that is almost providing the 100 results so this is quite powerful tool that you can use for your trading  so you can use this strategy into the Forex if you are a crypto Trader if you are a stock Trader in short that anything that is supported on trading view you can simply use this trading strategy for sure so This is my premium strategy and this is widely used  so this indicator is based on a simple concept as you can see this is the green ribbon and this is the red ribbon and  we are successfully done a great job on this indicator that Whenever there will be a resistance or a pullback that is happening from the market into the vertical pattern runs into the trending patterns you will get a sell signal and when there will be a bullish pullback you will be going to get a Buy Signal so this is the main concept of this indicator and let me show you we do not trade any kind of horizontal pattern so for example this is the AUD CAD five minute chart  this is the vertical pattern so When I use the word vertical what does it mean look at here I’m going to put the arrow from here to here so the market is sliding into the downward side and that’s very clear that it’s the it’s kind of a vertically down market so we are just going to use this indicator into the vertically down or


vertically up Market okay so anything else we will not trade I mean we will not be going to trade into the middle  so personally if you just have a look on this area so This is kind of a consolidating consolidating area and if we look at this part of the market that’s going up and that’s vertically into the upper side so we can take these signals now it has provided you with a great buying chances and because right now my chart is only five minute  now look at this area this is the horizontal pattern you will never trade it because and you will also not be going to trade at the start of any pattern first of all you will see that either the market is vertically down or not okay so let me share you with good examples so for example this is the CHF JPY chart now you can see the vertically up you can see a great pullback so almost 100 percent you cannot even expect a one losing signal From here yes the losing signal can come when there will be a trend change otherwise this is not easy with this indicator to give you the wrong signals  


now look at this this is consolidation this is not either a vertical up and vertically down so the market is just into the middle we will avoid such type of charts look this is clear vertically down so you can take yourself on your record that’s very simple you’re a CHF already told About this that that was the selling chance you can see it’s going down let’s have a look on the other pairs your Great Britain pound vertically down so it’s going vertically down from these levels okay so this is quite perfect to go for a cell position so this is the no repaint indicator there is zero repainting in this indicator once the candle is closed with the signal you can take your entry from the next candle just make sure that we are only going to Take the signals right from the ribbon we are not supposed to take any signal that is far from the ribbon so for example this Buy Signal is far from the ribbon we are not supposed to trade and the second thing the market is horizontal so


we cannot trade that market okay so the hundred percent results are coming on Euro USD you can see sell so almost profitable into the trending Market okay into the trending bed look this is the horizontal Pattern we cannot trade the indicator look this is the vertically up and you can see how well it has provided you by Justice and right now it looks like that we are into the gray Zone and the market is already down so this is the sign of a trend reversal and when will it will change its banned into red color you can go for the selling opportunities . look at SNP 500 are great selling chances here  let’s have a look on gold okay gold is vertically down so that  will be a good buying a selling potential but however it was into the uh consolidation here previously it was vertically up and you can see good bank chances so the only thing that we need to take here is to the vertical options like if it comes back again you get a sell signal from here the market is already vertically Down on you can go and you can go down okay and it also works in us the qs30 anything that is supported like Bank Nifty okay so you can see selling opportunities on Bank Nifty this is Uber chart crude oil so anything I mean you want to trade like for example on the crude oil you can see it has provided you three great pullbacks from the ribbon so Tesla let’s have a look on Tesla yes it’s somehow vertically down but not a proper vertical pattern is Found here so overall this indicator is quite magic working.

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