Best Trading view Indicator for Scalping and Day Trading

In this article, I am going to show you the trading view indicator that they are beating the market with the simple indicator and you can see it provides you with accurate buy and sell signals and you can see that this was the buying zones.

Trading view indicator

And right now it’s working on the cell so this indicator does not repaint in any case and this has the highest accuracy all we just need is to avoid the consolidation and the arranging pattern of the market okay so now the Signals here like you can see on AUD CAD you can see couple of cell signals the previous sell signal here okay so we just need to avoid consolidation you can look at this this is the consolidation so always use this indicator into the moving market like this is the moving market and you you can see the market is going down and then it will be providing you with a great selling opportunities now this would be working on anything anything means anything that is Supported on trading view look at AUD JPY first of all it has provided you with the bias signals from the ribbon and guys do not think that this is the normal ribbon this is not a free indicator okay so do not compare this thing with the free indicator because this is the well-researched work.


And you have a sell signal on AUD USD and now you can see uh like the price is down here cell here the self is from The Gray Zone we will not trade that trade okay so gray zones means that this could be a sign of a trend reversal okay now have a look on Bitcoin now you can see how well it has provided you with the bullish ride here okay now anytime when it will be reversing from the Bands then you get a Buy Signal and you will be Improv offers okay so it’ll it is Also working on other everything that is exported on trading view I’m not cherry picking any chart I’m just showing you each and everything like CHF JPY you can see the perfect right now the bicycle get fixed the bad is green so you can take that punch.


So overall this indicator is doing wonders like it has done Wonder on Euro JPY as well now the signal Buy Signal from the gray zone so not to trust that one okay so this signal this indicator is very powerful Even you can use in a nas00 the selling opportunities today this is the buy from the gray Zone we will not take that trade okay so if you are an Indian Trader then you can trade it on Bank Nifty you can see buy and bullish chances you can also trade crude oil anything I mean that is supported like you can also trade Tesla now because this is the moving Market.


there is no consolidation there is no ranging pattern and now the market is going up so this this is the quality of the indicator that is developed by FX Mentor you can also trade Nas hundreds so Nas hundred you can see selling chances SNP 500, this signal is far from the bands we will not take that trade okay right now it’s the gray band so we would trade anything and this is the best indicator.

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