Best Forex Trading Indicator The Cash Cow Exness Indicator

The Cash Cow:

In this article I’m been to shown you the top rated forex trading indicators and this indicator can be used in forex stocks crypto and the features and you can see big watchlist and anything that sported on trading view this is going to work on anything.

Forex trading indicator

so this indicator is quite special because it works from one minute to any time frame like five minutes, fifteen minute and one hour so there is no restrictions for time frame or there is no restriction of anything just you need to take care of one thing that you are going to use this indicator into the moving market patterns not into any type of consolidation, so for example look at your USD that was the moving market you can see strong buckles ,signals, by signals and let me show you that it basically works on anything that like you trade.

Forex trading indicator

for example this is the GBPUSD chart and you can see third time providing you the sell chance and you will be grateful this candle to close with the signals and then you can sell on the next candle. So I’m share you everything on the five minute time frame so that you can understand. So right now you can see buying chances and buying chances trend can get change grey zone and grey zone means you should be out of your all trades. Now you can see how much sending opportunities it has provided you during the trades.


OK so besically we just need to avoid the consolidation and you will get the article about it how you can avoid the consolidation? And this indicator is quit fast because it gives you quick or buying and selling opportunites as compare to the other indicators.SO know let me show you the signals so you can see NZDJPY it has provided you buy signals then grey zone and then again you can see this was the fix signal and here it does not provided you with any selling opportunities it has provided you to wait. And along with this candle it has again given you a green ribbon to buy and then read to the buying position and 3rd time as well. So this is the quality to this indicator because other indicators supply you with the sell signals.

Forex trading indicator

Now look at here this is the loosing signals from the indicator so right now the grey zones have to change its color. Grey zones means not to trade. So you need to avoid consolidation and you need to find the moving market like this. This is the moving market. This is the consolidation.

forex trading indicator

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