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Before we move on to our task of defining the best forex broker in Kuwait, let us first clarify what a forex broker exactly is. Fundamentally, a forex brokerage platform is a financial service company that provides traders an easy way to sell and buy foreign currencies as well as CFDs. Transactions are carried out between pair of two currencies e.g. EUR/USD.

Is Forex Trading Legal in Kuwait?

We should get the issue of legality of forex trading in Kuwait out of the way first. You can rest assured that forex trading is completely legal in Kuwait. In 1982, The Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz) was established which first allowed the inhabitants of Kuwait to invest in different assets, one of which happens to be foreign exchange. Since then, various companies have offered their services to the residents of Kuwait for forex trading.

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) manages and licenses forex brokers and sets guidelines under which the entire industry operates.

Selecting the Best Forex Broker in Kuwait:

To select the best forex broker in Kuwait, we followed the following criteria:

  • Checking if the broker is overseen by trusted regulators.
  • Comparing the fee structures of different brokers.
  • Comparing the number of currency pairs & CFDs offered by the brokers.
  • Checking deposit and withdrawal regulations.
  • Opening an account and testing the platform for user-friendliness.

Exness; The Best Forex Broker in Kuwait:

After carefully reviewing different brokers according to the criteria defined above, we found that Exness comes off as the best forex broker for minimising loss/maximising gain in Kuwait in trading. Exness has earned its reputation as a respected and strong broker in the industry that offers a diversity of services and trade offerings. Exness is regulated by several trusted authorities and its high-incentive commission based work, along with its transparent fee structure makes it a lucrative choice for traders. Ultimately, Exness provides a reasonable and reliable trading experience, making it a superior choice for experienced and learned traders. 

Best Forex Broker in Kuwait | ExnessBest Forex Broker in Kuwait | Exness

What Makes Exness Superior to Other Brokers?

The question you might be asking is that what exactly does make Exness so much better than all the other brokerage platforms that are available. Let us highlight for you a few of the key features of Exness that has helped it in gaining its prestigious position amongst trusted forex brokers.

Regulatory Authorities:

In addition to the regular financial audit reports it publishes for clients’ perusal, Exness works under the careful supervision of eight financial regulatory authorities. These regulatory affiliations guarantee a secure and reliable trading environment for clients. These regulatory authorities are:

  1. Financial Services Authority (Seychelles)
  2. Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (Curaçao)
  3. Financial Services Commission (British Virgin Islands)
  4. Financial Sector Conduct Authority (South Africa)
  5. Financial Services Commission (Mauritius)
  6. Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)
  7. Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)
  8. Capital Markets Authority (Kenya)

Competitive Spreads, Commissions, and Fees:

Exness stands out for its commitment to transparency when it comes to trading costs, making competitive spreads one of its defining features. The brokerage ensures that traders can easily calculate and understand the expenses associated with their trades. Exness offers a cost structure that is commission-free, which is notably better than the industry average, and also presents a highly competitive commission-based option. For equity CFD traders, Exness offers the advantage of low commissions and favorable swap rates. Moreover, the platform accommodates swap-free trading for specific assets, further enhancing its cost-effectiveness. Consequently, Exness caters to a wide spectrum of traders, from demanding short-term scalpers to those employing medium-to-long-term leveraged strategies.

User-Friendly Platform:

Exness offers an accessible and intuitive trading platform, designed with traders in mind. This platform is equipped with various tools and instruments to empower traders in making well-informed decisions. Furthermore, Exness extends its accessibility through a mobile application, enabling traders to conveniently manage and expand their assets while on the move.

Almost Limitless Leverage:

Exness offers unlimited hold, which allows traders to increase their potential interest by take funds from the broker. Unlimited leverage means the broker is ready to provide traders with as much hold as they need, subject to the trader’s account balance and risk management strategy. It’s important to note that leverage is a important tool that should be used with care, as it can magnify losses just as fast as it can magnify gains.

Educational Resources:

Unfortunately, Exness provides only limited resources for education of novices in the field of foreign exchange trading. However, this is because Exness’ target market are the customers who already have a background in the field. Its low commissions policy, competitive spreads, and diverse trading options more than make up for it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exness:


  • Robust adherence to regulatory standards, fostering trust and bolstering confidence.
  • A diverse array of account options tailored to cater to distinct trader requirements.
  • Competitive spreads that have the potential to augment trading profitability.
  • A comprehensive assortment of trading instruments to facilitate diversified portfolio management.
  • Intuitively designed and user-friendly trading platforms.


  • Lack of in-house research or analysis, necessitating traders to depend on external sources.
  • Geographical constraints that may restrict accessibility for traders in specific regions.
  • Scant educational resources and training materials available. 

Final Thoughts on The Best Forex Broker In Kuwait:

In summary, Exness brokerage offers a wide array of trading opportunities and competitive features suitable for traders across various skill levels. Supported by rigorous regulatory oversight, user-friendly trading platforms, and an extensive array of trading instruments, Exness has established itself as a trustworthy option within the industry. However, traders should carefully assess the pros and cons, taking into account their unique trading preferences and goals. The suitability of Exness as a brokerage primarily hinges on your individual trading requirements and priorities.

Ultimately, we aspire for this review on the Best Forex Broker in Kuwait to assist you in making an informed decision. As with any investment choice, conducting thorough research and due diligence is crucial. Therefore, we strongly urge traders to delve deeper into Exness, contemplate the idea of opening a demo account to assess the platform, and ultimately make a well-considered decision aligned with their trading objectives and risk tolerance. Best of luck with your trading endeavours!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Exness a Good Forex Broker?

Exness is widely regarded by numerous forex brokers as a premier selection due to its rich offering of nearly 100 currency pairs. The platform offers adaptable leverage choices and boasts competitive trading costs, further complemented by the availability of swap-free trading accounts.

Can you Trade Forex in Kuwait?

Certainly, Kuwait permits forex trading within its borders. The Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz), founded in 1982 as the inaugural licensed investment bank in the nation, affords its clientele the opportunity to invest in diverse asset classes, including foreign exchange markets.

Is Forex Trading legal in the Middle East?

Forex trading enjoys legality across the Middle East, Kuwait included. Numerous nations within the region have established regulatory frameworks that permit individuals to engage in the buying and selling of foreign currencies as a facet of their investment endeavors. Oversight of forex brokers falls under the purview of each nation’s respective Central Bank, where guidelines encompass aspects such as capital sufficiency, margin prerequisites, leverage restrictions, and assorted regulatory measures.

Can I Trade Forex Without a Broker?

Forex trading requires a broker; they provide access to the market, trading platforms, and price information. Brokers also offer leverage to amplify gains and losses. To begin, open a trading account with a regulated broker and fund it. Due to potential scams, ensure your chosen broker is reputable.


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